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What Doctors Say

Xu-Lin Chen, MD. Plastic Surgeon, Anhaui University Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital, Hefei, China:
“We concluded that topical heparin use can enhance the healing of burn wounds and relieve the patient’s pain significantly in humans without any influence on clotting time. It also has a beneficial role to inhibit the formation of scar after wound healing.”

Ronald P. Mlcak PhD, RRT, FAARC, Director Respiratory Care, Shriners Hospital for Children, Galveston TX: Cited benefits include: improved care, reduced procedures, and reduced mortality

Drs. K. Mathangi Ramakrishnan, and Ventaraman Jayaraman, Chennai India:
with total experience exceeding 20,000 patients in two hospitals in Chennai: Average 800 patients per year; they report heparin “improved care, is cost effective, and enhances wound healing”.

Drs. T.S. Venakatachalapathy, Raghuveer, and Mohan S. Kumar, Pondicherry, India:
“Heparin produced improved care, reduced mortality, quick healing, reduced cost” and “heparin is a boon in the management of burns mainly for pediatric burns. It works so dramatically.”

Dra.Maria da Graça Costa. MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon, Head of Burn Center, Cristo Redemptor Hospital, Porto Alegre, Brazil:
“Heparin treatment reduces 70% of costs.” “Heparin treatment bring quality of life of our burned patients!”

Dr. Antonio Manual Bonillo Cornejas, MD. FACS, Benjamin Bloom National Pediatric Referral Hospital, San Salvador, El Salvador:
“Less days in hospital, fewer surgical procedures, less medicine.”
“Children stop screaming, crying, and struggling when heparin is used. Water baths with debridements are stopped. Topical creams are not necessary. The nurses especially observe the benefits and appreciate the improved quiet, calm of the burn ward, and the condition of the healed skin is better, smoother, few if any scars, fewer contractures. The children and the parents are happier. The children eat well, sleep well, and are active.”

Dr. Sulk Joon Oh, MD, Fellow College of Surgeons, Plastic Surgeon, Head of Plastic Surgery Department, Hallym Sacred Heart Hospital, Seoul, S. Korea: “We (at Hallym) have used heparin on over 400 patients (in 10 months) topically only with surgical grafting as needed and necessary.”

Dr. Alberto Reyes Escamilla, MD FMCS Director of Department of Surgery, Head of Burn Center, The General Hospital, Tijuana, Mexico:
“Heparin is the very best therapy for first 7 days. Topical use alone is usually sufficient in burned children, and often sufficient in adults. Heparin is best overall for burns.”

Dr. José Antonio Luviano García. Chief of Burn Center, Department of Intensive Care. Monterrey Nuevo Leon México:
Results of use of heparin is to “reduce days in hospital, reduce operations, reduce use of antibiotic, analgesic and mechanical ventilation.”

Dr. Chona Thomas,MD, FRCS, FACS Plastic Surgeon, Head of Department of Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Muscat, Oman:
Our group of doctors (20) and nurses (40) are all convinced by beneficial effects of heparin such as (1) excellent healing of the burn patients; (2) depth of the burn wound may be reduced; (3) Analgesic property of heparin is a great beneficial factor for the children. Since they are very comfortable with heparin therapy, and are not complaining of pain, the administration of the analgesics and sedations are considerably reduced; (4) Proved beyond doubt that heparin therapy is a great help in the first and second degree burns. In the past, we were performing skin grafting for the second degree burns also in order to reduce the hypertrophic scar formation. By the regular topical application of heparin to the second degree burns, surgical intervention such as skin grafting is not required and the quality of the scar is considered as excellent.

Dr. Donald J. Mangus, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon, commenting on earlier study, ca.1980 :
“The heparin–treated patients were the most comfortable burned patients I ever treated. The cosmetic and functional results were very good. Every burn specialist should use heparin added to their burn treatment. I do not understand why my colleagues have not utilized heparin, when the benefits are so obvious and the results are so good.”

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