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 Adding the medicine named Heparin improves burn treatment and results.  Heparin reduces  burn mortality, suffering, medical and surgical procedures, duration of treatment, time in hospital, healing time, scars, contractures, amputations, and costs. 

Heparin maintains blood circulation.  Heparin relieves burn pain.  No narcotics are needed. Heparin reduces the redness, swelling, and heat signs of inflammation.  Heparin stops burn  inflammation.

Heparin-treated burns became smaller in size while similar burns not treated with heparin increase in size.  Blood vessels and blood flow are restored to blood-deficient burn tissues earlier. Granulation tissue in the healing phase is increased and highly vascular in a shorter time.   Damaged or destroyed collagen fibers, smooth muscle cells, and dermal cells are restored. 

Heparin enhances and shortens healing.  With heparin added burn healing there is accelerated to about one-third the time without use of heparin.  And the new skin is smooth and consistently void of contractures and scars.   Burn treatment with heparin added is affordable cost, often one-tenth of the cost without use of heparin.