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SBI's action plan calls for an annual schedule of meetings: 

  • Six local 2-day meetings in San Diego. 
  • Four regional 2-day meetings in various U.S. locales. 
  • Six 3-day meetings in foreign countries and on cruise ships. 


Doctors and ancillary therapists who treat burns, emergency room doctors, family physicians, and pediatricians are invited. Tuition is half-price for nurses and free for medical students, interns, residents and selected attendees. 

In addition, burn centers worldwide are offered three- to five-day visits by two SBI faculty members. The faculty travels to the host country, presents the treatment and protocol and, if requested, stays up to five days to actively assist the burn center doctors and nurses in the treatment of their burned patients. In selected cases, the stay may be extended five to ten days for one faculty doctor. In all instances, the faculty actively follows-up with the doctors they train. 

SBI’s Experienced Teaching Faculty 

SBI engages the services of burn doctors, nurses, and other assistants to serve as faculty presenters and instructors at the meetings and at the burn centers in the U.S and foreign countries. Two faculty members present at the local meetings. Six or more faculty members present at the regional and international meetings. Variable teams of two faculty members do in-service training at hospital burn centers and emergency rooms in the U.S. and abroad. 

Past Presenters at SBI Meetings 

M. J. Saliba, Jr, MD, La Jolla, CA 

Donald J. Mangus, MD, Chico, CA

Byron E. Green, Mobile, AL 

D. L. Traber, PhD, Galveston, TX 

R. T. R. Mlcek, Galveston, TX 

K. M. Ramakrishnan, MD 

V. Jayaraman, MD, Madras, India 

O. Dmitrienko, MD, St. Petersburg, Russia 

B. Kazulan, MD, St. Petersburg, Russia 

K. Troshev, MD, Varna, Bulgaria 

A. M. Bonilla, MD, San Salvador, El Salvador 

G. J. Zayas, MD, Alberta, Canada


M. de Graca, MD, Porto Alegre, Brazil


Dr. Vercoza, MD, Porto Alegre, Brazil 


A. Reyes, MD, Tijuana, Mexico 


J. Jaramillo, Tijuana, Mexico


Richard Fachette, MD, Port au Prince, Haiti 


C. Thomas, MD, Muscat, Oman 

Associates of these doctors, burn nurses, and physical and respiratory therapists may also be available to present and instruct at future meetings and training sessions.