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Heparin has revolutionized burn therapy around the world and is available to affordably treat burn victims now


Many doctors have improved burn treatment by adding Heparin. The result of Heparin treatment for less than a month of a seriously fire-burned man, are in the adjacent pictures, that show how he looked at one month postburn, and at one year later. 

Burns are terrible to view. Click HERE to see how he looked during the treatment.


 Some Images may be upsetting or disturbing to view.

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M.J. Saliba MD

  •  Relieves burn pain
  •  Reduces the suffering 
  •  Enhances & shortens healing
  •  Results in smooth new skin without      scars & contractures
  •  Greatly reduces costs                          


Burns are terrible. Treatments have been akin to torture & expensive. Most burns are small. Heparin treatment alone usually heals them. Heparin added to large burns remarkably improves treatment and results.


  • Doctors in the United States have researched and developed Heparin Therapy in Burns, using heparin inside the body, on burn surfaces, and by inhalation and in membranes (when needed). More info
  • Doctors worldwide have studied Heparin and are using it to improve burn treatment at affordable costs. Hundreds of doctors in many countries have documented the benefits in over 32,500 seriously burned patients in medical journal and burn meetings. To our knowledge, there are no negative studies of heparin-treated burned patients. More info
  • This website contains the information that will enable you and your doctors to obtain and utilize Heparin Burn Treatment, Including the science and history of heparin treatment, with evidence that shows heparin is a superior approach to burn care. (How Heparin Works & Science of Heparin)

     Learn More 

  • About the dreaded nature and progression of burns
  • How surgery became the dominant burn treatment
  • Why Heparin affordably Improves the treatment
  • See About Burns, Outdated Care, Heparin Treatment.

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“Heparin is the very best therapy for first 7 days. Topical use alone is usually sufficient in burned children, and often sufficient in adults. Heparin is best overall for burns.” -  Dr Reyes, Mexico

“Heparin produced improved care, reduced mortality, quickened healing, reduced cost and heparin is a boon in the management of burns mainly for pediatric burns. It works so dramatically.” Drs Kumar &  Venakatachalapathy, India



“We concluded that topical heparin use can enhance the healing of burn wounds and relieve the patient’s pain significantly in humans without any influence on clotting time. It also has a beneficial role to inhibit the formation of scar after wound healing.” Dr Xu-Lin Chen, China


 "Results of use of heparin is to reduce days in hospital, reduce operations, reduce use of antibiotic, analgesic and mechanical ventilation.” Dr Thapa, Nepal



“The heparin–treated patients were the most comfortable burned patients I have ever treated. The cosmetic and functional results were very good. Every burn specialist should use heparin added to their burn treatment. I do not understand why my colleagues have not utilized heparin, when the benefits are so obvious and the results are so good.” Dr Mangus, USA

 Now is the time to broadly: 

  1. Inform the medical profession and the general public about the benefits of this affordable burn treatment and promote its use in the U.S. and other countries.
  2. Instruct those who handle thermal incidents and those who treat burn victims in the protocol.

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Heparin medical treatment of burns is humane, effective, and affordable treatment for one burned person or the many burn victims in thermal disasters.  

Children treated with Heparin by Dr. V. Jayaraman & Dr. K.M. Ramakrishnan after a school fire in Chennai, India.