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 Burns can be devastating injuries for children, the immediate effect of which is compounded by ongoing pain, cosmetic and physical disfigurement, impairment, multiple dressing changes and surgical procedures. The ongoing emotional and psychological impact on the child is often shared by the caregiver or parent. Heparin treatment is essential not only to minimise immediate pain, suffering and health care costs in this vulnerable group, but also to reduce ongoing trauma and disability which could affect children into their adulthood.

In Africa burns are of special concern.

Open fire pits, boiling cauldrons on water, dry huts made of grass, no smoke detectors, etc.There are densely populated informal settlements, which are high-risk areas for injuries resulting in burns. With electricity largely unavailable to these township inhabitants, lighting is supplied by kerosene lamps and candles, heating is by fires, and cooking occurs on fires and primus stoves situated on the floor. These informal dwellings are sometimes only six square metres in size, posing significant challenges in planning safe kitchen and sleeping spaces.