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The Saliba Burns, Wounds, and Skin Problems Institute, Inc. is a California state registered, IRS designated 501.c.3, public benefit corporation. Saliba Burns Institute (SBI) is the business name used in work involving burns.

The Institute is involved in medical research, education, and product development of affordable therapies using heparin in difficult-to-treat, chronic skin maladies. We feel fortunate that our research studies have been successful. The research and development relating to burn injuries has been completed. SBI is now engaged worldwide in disseminating the information to doctors and the public, using multiple instructional methods, including meetings and the production of educational materials, including teaching videos of the heparin treatment. 

Our main purpose is knowledge transfer. On request, SBI will communicate information on the therapy by multimedia means. Doctors worldwide who are currently using heparin in burns have expressed the need for a center through which they can remain in contact with each other, and to keep abreast of advances in their field. The SBI office and this website will have that function. 

SBI’s goal is to affordably improve burn care, and to "put an end to burn pain and scars." 


In our continuing effort to make heparin burn therapy a reality everywhere, the Saliba Burns Institute has developed programs and implemented an aggressive action plan which: 

  • Widely publicizes this treatment to the general public and to burn therapists. 
  • Provides instruction to doctors worldwide. 
  • Contacts and educates firefighters, burn center support groups, paramedics and emergency room personnel. 
  • Responds and assists in thermal disasters. 
  • Sponsors educational and training workshops in the U.S. and internationally. 
  • Sends SBI faculty to burn centers worldwide to present the treatment and assist burn therapists in integrating the protocol.
  • Continues to perform and publish research studies with other burn doctors both locally and internationally. 
  • Obtains the assistance of charitable organizations to help fund SBI work, as well as to buy supplies of heparin for burn centers in developing nations



You can help make heparin burn therapy a reality for burn victims everywhere by: 

  • Learning about heparin therapy and SBI involvement. 
  • Informing family, friends, doctors, organizations, and businesses about this treatment. 
  • Becoming a volunteer for the SBI. 
  • Making a tax-deductible donation, in any amount, to the SBI. You can request that your donation be used for outreach and education in a specific country. We will make every effort to inform you as to how we utilized your gift. Please send your contribution to Saliba Burns Institute, 7660 Fay Avenue, Ste. H-350, La Jolla, CA, 92037. 



SBI assumes no responsibility for the treatment of any burned patient by any doctor or other person now or in the future, or for the use of heparin by the patient in the treatment of his/her burns with or without the consent or knowledge of a doctor. If you are burned, it is important to seek the advice of a licensed health care professional.